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          Hotel Slippers Guarantee Customers'health

          AUTHOR : Date : 11/7/2019 10:03:43 PM
           Some disposable products provided by hotels and hotels, such as hotel slippers and paper towels, can also be recycled and reprocessed to turn waste into treasure. However, if these disposable slippers and other products are replaced by long-term products, how much waste will be caused and how much pollution will be caused to the environment if these discards do not fully meet the use value.


          A three-star hotel buys pulled-up slippers. Generally, the cover, lining and upper of pulled-wool slippers are pulled-wool cloth. So how can we reduce the cost of slippers without lowering the grade? Then we can replace the lining material with a cheaper non-woven material lining to reduce costs. Covers and uppers are displayed in front of customers, so they need not be replaced.


          In this way, the problem of large consumption of hotel slippers can be properly solved. In addition to the above benefits, the use of hotel slippers is also appropriate to take into account the health concerns of guests, prevent cross-infection of bacteria and frequent disinfection of slippers in hotels and other issues. The use of disposable products will invisibly improve their competitiveness, establish a good image of safety and hygiene in the eyes of customers, and attract more new and old customers. In this way, the hotel turnover will also rise.